Embracing Distributed Generation and Incentivizing Adoption

As distributed generation technologies such as battery storage gain increasing levels of adoption across the world, utilities and governments are making a fundamental shift in how they embrace the technological revolution on the horizon.

No longer can cities, states, and utilities deny the changes that are happening to the way that we power our cities. We are living in a different world, where climate change must be confronted and the public and private sectors are pushed to build on the progress and commitments made in the Paris Climate Accords.

We continue to see compelling evidence of these changes taking hold across the country as seen in these recent developments:

  • New York Public Service Commission pushes to create a financially viable path under the Reforming the Energy Vision initiative to promote the accelerated adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs). This approach will be bolstered by initiatives being rolled out in parallel such as the Brooklyn Queens Demand Management Program.

  • Proposed reform by the California Public Utility Service Commission to its Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) by allocating 75% of funding to battery storage and allowing for more technologies and companies to participate in the program.

  • A National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) and SolarCity report shows that solar power investments provide $7 to $14 million in benefits to residents of Nevada. The benefits of solar power generation can be further amplified by connecting these solutions to battery storage.

As the battery storage industry evolves from the earlier stages of development to its integrated place as a key driver of climate change reduction and resiliency efforts, Novele and Energy Board are uniquely positioned to take advantage of these trends and facilitate the adoption of battery storage technology geared towards the cities and states that need its solutions the most.

Beyond the cost savings and backup power that it provides, incentives and support from utilities will further propel Novele and its customers to take advantage of its sleek, space-efficient design and powerful, modular and scalable solution to tie in with other renewable technologies such as solar power and offer an unbeatable behind the meter energy storage solution.