This is Energy Board

what 100% resiliency and
zero lost work hours look like

  • 10kWh
    Energy Storage
  • 10 years
    Life Cycle
  • 1.7 inches
    Mounted Depth


This is the only energy storage product designed for decentralized, public space use.

For our board, we combined an incredibly thin profile with incredible safety and added smart device management though Novele Connect.

The outcome is the only device that can create fully independent workspaces.

Performance that Matters

Only 1.7 Inches thin,
powerful enough to power X
office computers for X hours.

More than 100 boards can operate simultaneously, managing and averting power fluctuations at the megawatt scale.

Pressure Tested.
Impact tested.
Armored Frame.
Fire Suppression System.

Customizable Cover.
Tailor to your Needs.

Technical Specs


  • Voltage
  • Feed-In Type
  • Energy
  • Power
  • Depth of Discharge
  • Warranty
  • 48V DC / 220V AC
  • Single & Split Phase
  • 10 kWh
  • 10kWDC/5kWAC
  • 100%
  • Up to 15 years


  • Operating Humidity
  • Ingress Rating
  • Noise Level @ 1m
  • Up to 100%, condensing
  • IP 66
  • < 10 dBA