Steven Ruth

Novele's Initiative on Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Leadership towards the new electrical power infrastructure provides cost avoidance and operational flexibility for commercial real estate developers, owners, and managers

Building out fully connected, renewable, and resilient offices and workplaces was a challenging and expensive process. Office designers and architects had to find creative ways to integrate a slew of fragmented systems while prioritizing cost over benefit. Novele wants all workplace environments to have access to reliable and clean power, with the ability to control and monitor electrical usage. Novele has developed a way to install energy storage and backup power with virtually no additional equipment and minimal electrician work. With commercial real estate (CRE) developers and owners going through these current economic conditions, many are looking for ways to save money on unnecessary upgrades, but are still looking to offer the best experience to their tenants.

Novele is leading the charge on digital infrastructure to address the unique needs of the CRE market in the built environment. Market verticals include enterprise, hospitals, hotels, universities and schools, and retail. Energy Board is a uniquely thin lithium-ion battery system that provides energy in the event of outages and allows for a higher usage of renewable-sourced energy like solar. Novele Energy Boards are integrated with next-generation networking hardware technology to provide reliable and clean energy for office LED lighting, digital and IoT devices with precise monitoring and control features. This is all done over the existing low-voltage ethernet infrastructure using Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the technology that sends power simultaneously with data signals on standard ethernet cables. It is used in every global market and everywhere the internet is needed. The flexibility that PoE provides is endless, as many types of devices can now be powered with it without a wall outlet. Devices such as WiFi, telephones, conference equipment, access systems, security cameras, and even individual air conditioning units, mini-fridges, TVs, computers and USB chargers. PoE is the standard for digital electricity.

CRE office space operators are reconfiguring to meet lower density and flexibility objectives as demand dynamics progress. PoE brings favorable economics to these new buildouts. By installing the majority of the office and building systems as part of a new low-voltage DC infrastructure, office buildouts now have many more ethernet connections available and have decreased the need for expensive AC electrical outlets. LED lighting reduces energy consumption, and can be controlled and powered with PoE. Overall, space utilization flexibility is enhanced.

With traditional AC power and outlets, it is not cost effective to connect all the building loads to energy storage and it is difficult to provide individual load monitoring and control. Novele’s edge computing capabilities shift as many devices as possible to the PoE-based digital infrastructure, improving energy costs favorably. The modern building has full control over each load and can efficiently provide power and backup to the areas that need it the most.

It is much simpler designing an ultra efficient and comfortable workplace using the PoE approach. The benefits of adding a super scalable and easy to install energy storage and backup system are vast, especially when it can replace traditional UPS and generators at once, provide new opportunities for using renewable energy and local generation, and allow customers to participate in peak shaving and demand response to improve the return on investment for solar and renewable installations.

Overall, Novele Energy Boards help customers reach their sustainability goals and improve investment returns with easy to install battery technology.