Steven Ruth

Property Managers & Owners: Vanguard Energy Storage System Coming Your Way

Property managers and ownership groups are always on the lookout for operating expense savings, energy backup in the event of grid power failures, reduced energy consumption, drivers that enhance property value, and environmental compliance. Coming this fall, the Novele Energy Board brings these virtues and many more to your property. 

Sustainability, resiliency, and reliability. These are the mandates your tenants and owners demand of you. And any solution must be driven as much by economics as by technology. Novele creates technology for the dense built environment. With an initial focus on resiliency and energy management, we created Energy Board, an infinitely scalable IoT energy storage device for space constrained buildings.

Energy Board products manage energy demand and costs for enterprise customers, building owners, and utilities. For enterprise customers, we can provide cash flow positive solutions. For magnitudes of commercial electricity users, over half of their electricity costs are due to peak hours premium charges. Energy Board can shift Peak Hour electricity usage to Off-Peak Hour cost basis. For customers making solar or co-generation investments, Energy Board can provide even higher investment returns. And, for property owners recovering leasable space from generators, Energy Board becomes a profit center.

Solutions are scalable from 1,000 sq. ft. to Utility “Grid-within-a-Grid”, both in application and economics. And after 20 years of use, Energy Board products don’t end up as hazardous waste in a landfill; they are recyclable. 

Whether your installation is solar-tied storage or you are seeking relief from demand charges (or both), there are multiple use cases that present positive return on investment. Novele can provide a complex analysis of your historic utility bills focusing on your resiliency goal – how many hours of critical load should be supported by an array of Energy Boards – to meet your energy needs while reducing total cost of energy.

Tenants are aware of emerging energy technologies and will pay for the vanguard experience of an attractive managed-energy property. Typical paybacks in densely-built communities are in the range of 3-4 years.


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