The Internet of Buildings

Cloud-based technology has become very powerful because of its ability to connect any device or platform over the internet to any amount of computing power. This is commonly known as the Internet of Things. However, technology platforms can only be connected to cloud programs if the hardware has that ability. For most of the buildings in cities, including offices and apartments, the vast majority of the hardware that controls every moving part is a standalone piece of equipment that most likely hasn’t been changed since the date of installation. Imagine only being able to upgrade your computer or smartphone when you renovate your home. Most likely it would be at least a decade or two out of date.

Upgrading building systems is tedious and costly as they are installed as part of the building’s infrastructure. Another issue is that each aspect of control - HVAC, elevators, lighting, and security systems - all have separate hardware, along with wiring and control. Even if they have a “universal control” type of integration, it is not easy integrating the systems and each time you swap one, you have to reconfigure everything again.

Novele solves this problem by reducing the major capital expenditure of the control equipment itself by reusing a common infrastructure. Novele is a new type of company creating technology for the building in the digital age. Novele’s energy storage system, Energy Board, is already a highly profitable upgrade to buildings in dense cities with high demand charges and resiliency needs. Since this system is built on a cloud based platform, other devices can be integrated with the rest of the building via the distributed network of Energy Boards.

Take a smart lighting system as an example: the expensive cost of upgrading a smart lighting system can be reduced dramatically when you already have an Energy Board system distributed throughout the building. The new lighting system will not only take advantage of the reliable energy that the energy system delivers, but it can integrate directly with a standard wireless technology like Bluetooth Low Energy without adding additional wires to a central location with using a proprietary and fragmented control solution. Additionally, we have the ability to run DC over ethernet, commonly known as PoE, to run all lighting for the floor or building.

As building owners and managers start to see the advantage of installing behind-the-meter energy storage systems for resiliency and revenue generation, they can additionally install or upgrade other building systems to further improve their ROI. Not only does it improve the owner or landlord’s bottom line, but the office tenants or residents will have a better experience living or working at your space. At the end of the day, it is about delivering the best possible living or working environment for your tenants.