This is Energy Board

Resiliency and energy management
without sacrificing space.

  • 10kWh
    Energy Storage
  • 0 Space
  • 2 inches
    Mounted Depth


Lorenzo Zemella

Jun 10, 2019

The Renewable Energy Distribution Problem

In order to hit New York’s renewable energy goals, such as shifting to 100% clean electricity by 2040 and reducing greenhouse gases 40% by 2030, we need to focus on the infrastructure and power delivery networks, just as much as renewable energy generation like solar and wind. The main issue with improving the utility and power distribution of cities is providing enough capacity for the peak load. Due to space and cost constraints, utility companies don’t design the electrical grid to handle the peak load across the full network at all times. Even with 100% renewable energy being distributed across the grid, the peak load problem not only remains, but gets worse.