Energy Board


Incremental energy


Thin, wall-mountable



Energy Board is the thinnest, most scalable commercial battery system in the world. Designed in New York, specifically for dense, urban infrastructures, its modular design & lightweight architecture allows Energy Board to be installed in places where space is valuable, and performance and safety are paramount.

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Safety is our Priority

We utilize proven battery chemistry subject to the highest global testing standards with our state of the art technology. Our integrated monitoring and built-in sensors, allow for out-of-the-box performance that excels in even the most regulatory dense jurisdictions.

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Installation made simple

The Energy Board was designed for environments where space is valuable, and functionality is a priority. With straightforward installation specifications, the Energy Board's modular design allows for installation without expensive infrastructure retrofits, making retrofitting existing buildings a breeze.

The Specs

The technical specifications and regulatory certifications for Energy Board.

Tech Specs

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