Energy Board

Clean and resilient energy for your digital building and remote workplace.

  • 10kWh
    Energy Storage
  • 0 Space
  • 1.9 inches
    Mounted Depth


The only energy storage product and backup system designed for next generation digital buildings that does not take up valuable space.

The outcome is the only device that can create fully independent workspaces.

Only 1.9 inches thin, Energy Board is engineered to seamlessly integrate into the design of your building.

Allows architects and designers with flexible and creative installs. Dedicated rooms and rackspace not required.

More than 100 boards can operate simultaneously, or independently, managing and averting power fluctuations or losses for your digital building.

Choose to power the entire building and all the appliances, or dynamically select only mission critical equipment to keep running during extended blackouts.

Safety and security features for the toughest regulations in the toughest markets.

Energy Board is a commercial grade, truly distributed energy system. Low installation cost and complexity for the low-voltage option.

Scales to any sized organization to provide full backup power for all mission critical and digital infrastructures. Networking, wireless, lighting, security and access systems, all plug and play powered.

Technical Specs


  • Voltage
  • Energy
  • Power
  • Depth of Discharge
  • Warranty
  • 48V DC
  • 10kWh (net)
  • 5kW DC
  • 100%
  • Up to 15 years


  • Location
  • Mounting options
  • Cooling
  • Indoor
  • Wall mountable
  • Passively cooled