Energy Board

Big impact. Small footprint.

Energy Board main

Energy Board is the thinnest, most scalable energy storage device ever created. At just 1.8” thick, it’s thinner than most hung art frames or TVs. It’s stud or wall mountable and infinitely scalable, so you can use it as a UPS for your office space or scale up to a demand curtailment solution for your building. In fact, Energy Board is so thin and scalable, you can build your entire lobby out of Energy Board and no one will know it’s there. Energy Board does not take up any rentable square footage.

Sustainability shouldn't be limited to only small homes or suburban environments; cities should share this idea and lead. Energy Board can be used standalone, or be linked together across an entire skyscraper, while still not affecting your space. As a matter of fact, we enhance it.

Now that’s innovation.

Board on the wall

1.8 inches thin

Energy Board Top


Beautiful or invisible. Or both. You decide.

Energy Board is meant to be seamlessly integrated into your building or office design. With custom decorative panels easily mounted, your beautiful macassar wall is now truly a ‘powerful statement.’

Novele delivers the only energy storage solution designed first and foremost for buildings in ultra dense cities. Energy Board is designed to be seen and admired, not hidden in exterior shipping containers or on concrete pads in your basement.


Digital Control and Automation

Building management done right.

Connected building
Secure IoT platform
Renewable infrastructure

Energy Board is the foundation of a new real estate technology platform. Building automation, granular control of building electrical loads, energy efficiency, renewables optimization – all will be enhanced by this platform of sleek hardware and cutting edge software. With a network of Energy Boards distributed throughout your building and connected to lighting, HVAC, and other digitally addressable loads via a library of Novele APIs, you can simplify and improve control of your building infrastructure in ways never envisioned before.

Energy Boards are decentralized, reducing wiring runs and installation costs. With your cloud-connected Energy Boards managed through a secure web dashboard, you can monitor and manage building performance wherever you are in the world. All software is updated over the air, so Energy Board can get smarter as it ages.


Energy optimization

Keep pace with evolving energy markets.

Energy Board goes beyond backup power. Whether your goal is to reduce demand charges on your electric bill, take advantage of utility peak shaving or incentives, enhance the economics of solar PV through renewables time shifting, or aggregate multiple buildings behind the meter to create a virtual power plant resource, Energy Board can be your solution.

Even better, you can meet all those energy objectives, even in the largest buildings, without sacrificing rentable square footage, and without concentrating all that stored energy in one central location.



Lowering risk by distribution.

Energy Boards can be distributed throughout your building, reducing any risks associated with concentrating energy storage in one central location. Energy Boards will incorporate fire protection and insulation as required to meet applicable UL standards and governmental regulations, with the added benefit of best in class sound deadening. And building occupants can draw comfort from increased building resiliency, as Energy Boards can be configured to power critical emergency equipment during electrical outages.


Technical Specifications

Cloud connected scalable wall or stud mounted lithium-ion battery system.


Capacity: 10 kWh
Power: 10 kW DC / 5 kW AC
Depth of Discharge: 100%
Warranty: Up to 15 years


Weight: 240 lbs
Certification: NRTL listed to UL standards


... a lot more to come.